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2022 IA

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"To what extent do the leisure and sport facilities in Forest Acres, South Carolina conform to the theory of spheres of influence and a hierarchy of sport and leisure facilities."


IB documents for the IA:

IA directions and rubric.pdf

Data Collection Forms:

Use Count form.pdf

Data Collection Sheet.pdf

Class content that will serve as the basis for the IA:

LTS AI content info 1.pdf

LTS IA content 2.pdf




M2019 Sample 1.pdf


Here are a few other ones that I found...

Part C & D Help

Other Resources:


Example of a sketch (NOT a detailed map!).

Forest Acres Map (create a simplified version of this for Part A

Forest Acres General Info / Demographics

ia field work resource Collins book primary data.pdf

ia 2nd data.pdf

ia primary data.pdf

ia resource LTS.pdf  

Places for Primary Research:


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